Baseus Zero Space portable Refrigerator 8L Winter Heat Preservation and Cooling in Summer

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Baseus Zero Space Portable Refrigerator - 60W, 8l

The Baseus Zero Space helps you beat the summer heat anywhere.

This compact fridge can reach up to 25 degrees C below the ambient temperature and accommodate up to eight 330ml cans. Meanwhile, the low power consumption and low weight make it suitable for use on your desk, at the office, or even in your car.

On top of that, the Baseus Zero Space can also preserve the heat of your drink and food in cold ambient temperatures.

- Compact and portable fridge from Baseus
- High capacity and cooling power
- Stylish design with a window on the front
- Thick insulation layer ensures high efficiency
- Can be powered from a regular or car outlet
- The leather handle for easy carrying

- Power: 60W
- Capacity: 8l
- Cooling temperature difference: 25 degrees C
- Dimensions: 36 x 27.5 x 29 cm
- Weight: 3.5kg

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